Nose: Think of Cragganmore and how herbal and floral it can be, now multiply this by 10. It is extremely fresh. The sweetness is delivered in honey, the best you can buy. Freshly cooked sponge with a drizzle of golden syrup. We asked for vanilla and we got vanilla in the form of butter smooth icing with sprinkles of coconut and cooked pieces of pineapple.

Palate: Wait for it. The fruit that this whisky expresses is balanced extremely well. It has perfectly ripe apples and pears, the vanilla is what you’d expect from a creme brulee or a perfectly created vanilla ice cream. The smell of coconut is now transformed into a Bounty ice cream but not as sweet. There’s Masterchef made toffee sprinkles teasing the tips of your tongue as the oak coats the mouth. The herbs are fine and compliment the fruits and the sweetness. It’s fresh and reminiscent of a summers day.

Finish: There is a long floral finish, with slightly burnt toffee melting on the tongue and some delicious oak. This is a memorable whisky